License Reinstatement

To have your license reinstated after receiving a DWI, DUI, or MIP, all three of the item’s listed below must be completed:


  1. Submit an original State-licensed rehabilitation certificate to the Arkansas Office of Driver Control. The presiding judge (the judge that heard your case) informed you of your specific rehabilitation requirements. He/she could have ordered a Level 1 DASEP class, a Level 2 DASEP class, a Spanish class, the Multiple Offender Program (MODS) at Northeast Arkansas Recovery Center, or state-licensed treatment. For information, call Dimensions at 931-1111 or read the FAQ.
  2. Submit an original certificate from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) documenting that you completed a Victim Impact Panel (for offenses after 7/31/2009). For more information/class registration, contact MADD at or call 1-855-227-6233 or 1-501-246-8810.
  3. Pay the necessary reinstatement fees to the arkansas department of Finance and Administration.


Remember, if you have more than one outstanding offense, you will need a rehabilitation certificate (for each offense) and a MADD Victim Impact Panel certificate (for each offense after 7/31/2009).